How to Protect Your Phone from Damage

Getting the best phone in the market is not enough. You need to properly look after it to ensure that it gives you long and quality services. Although phone damages are very common, there are some things that you can do to significantly lower the number of your visits to a mobile repair technician. In this article, we will share with you some of the top best tips that you can use to protect your phone from the common cell phone damages. Read on and get enlightened!

  • Get a case, and a screen protector– A case and a screen protector can greatly save your phone from scratches and breakages. This can also help maintain the phone in its new appearance. According to research, most phone damages occur as the owners engage in daily activities such as cooking or walking. Getting a case and a screen protector for your phone will ensure that your device remains safe even as you engage in some of these daily activities. Look for durable and quality cases and screen protectors for added protection to your phone.
  • Designate a safe place to store your phone– If you are not using the phone, it is vital that you store it in a safe place away from young kids. Ensure that you keep your phone in a secure location where it is not likely to be knocked down or affected by moisture. For instance, you can put it in a cabinet or a bookshelf.
  • Use original chargers and accessories– If for any reason you have to replace any phone accessory, it is vital that you go for the recommended accessories that are compatible with your phone. Using cheaper accessories not made for your phone can damage your device.
  • Go for repairs– Don’t wait until your phone is dead or not working for you to see a technician. Look for an experienced and reliable mobile repair technician near you and be using them to regularly check-up your phone. When your phone suffers from damage, it is critical that you immediately book an appointment with a technician to prevent the damage from worsening.
  • Keep your phone dry– We are all guilty of this! We love chatting with our friends over dinner with a plate of food or a cup of water before us. This is very dangerous since a small spill could permanently damage your phone. It is also advisable not to talk on your mobile phone while it is raining. Please note that moisture can corrode your phone.
  • Keep your phone clean– Clean your phone by using a dry piece of tissue paper. It is okay to use alcohol but please do not be tempted to use baby wipes, water or any other cleaners that may add moisture to your phone.

These are some of the ways that you can use to protect your phone. Remember that the most common phone repairs are as a result of water and screen damage, even a cracked screen. Try your best to protect your phone by buying screen protectors and also by keeping it as far away as possible from moisture.


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