What is like working with cameras?

We do more and more seem to get cameras coming in for repair and general maintenance. Often get asked about photography equipment alongside pc components and the likes. So, we’ve developed our skills, all staff members have been on additional training and we’re now in a far superior place – ready to deal with your photography equipment problems.

The Growing Photography Market

Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed the number of requests increase drastically for repair, upgrades, replacements and the likes. There are many budding photographers eager to get started and buying second hand or refurbished camera equipment is a perfect way to do so. Not even just for the beginner, anyone looking to upgrade without the huge expense, the refurbed or used market is definitely worth a look as you’ll like save yourself a tonne of money.

Wedding Photographers

We asked one of our loyal customers, David, to get us some more info and it turns out he is a wedding photographer. As David was in and out quite often with loads of different camera gear, he is one of the best people to have asked. David was also happy for us to link to him so that you can see some of his work – https://www.daviddeanphotographic.co.uk/